Green Tea Bamboo Honey Drops Body Cream

Green Tea Bamboo Honey Drops Body Cream

Fresh. Inviting. Serene.

Infused with lush green notes that mingle with sparkling citrus nuances, bamboo and real drops of honey, this super-moisturizing cream helps soften, condition and pamper dry, winter skin. Soft woods and delicate musk continually revive the senses evoking a spa-like atmosphere of peace and calm.

Olfactive Classification: Citrus Green

Present in many parts of the world, Bamboo is widely recognized as a symbol of longevity and healing. Its vibrant green shoots grow in tandem with each other, younger plants growing around older plants being careful not to block their sunlight. Tall, still and abundant, these gardens emanate peace, and well being.

TOP NOTES: Sicilian Lemon, Calabrese Bergamot, Golden Grapefruit, Bamboo Scent Trek™, Tamarind Tree Leaves, Persian Galbanum

MID NOTES: Green Tea Accord , Violet Leaves, Cucumber, Syringa Scent Trek™

BASE NOTES: Musk, White Birch, Lentisque Resin, Moss, Italian Orris, Mate

Perfumer's Inspiration:

“While creating this fragrance, I envisioned a spa in southern Thailand, surrounded by bamboo groves and lush green foliage. The sound of a waterfall trickling in the background calmed my mind as I sipped on my soothing green tea. I drifted into a place of pure relaxation, tranquility and peace.” Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Senior Perfumer, Givaudan